Blue Magic Records is an electronic, experimental and chill out label, focusing on more free-form and unconventional as well as jazz/fusion and eccentric styles of music. Our aim is to show that the ambient music genre is not only a new music born from the trance and electronic culture of our days but more of sounds which were there from the beginning.

Blue Magic Records (BMR) label was founded in the state of North Goa in early 2017 as a sub-label to Turquoise Sound Pvt.Ltd. At BMR,it is our intention to create new ambient genres to cover a range of organic sounds that has been in existence since several million years in its basic form.

Our ambient music collection is reflected in the interaction of innovative musical ideas and technological changes. We embrace technological advances which focus on musical instruments and the innovations in a recording studio with analog and computer synthesisers capable of mimicking virtually any natural sounds, digital sound storage, and manipulation and audio multi-tracking.

All the releases on Blue Magic Records will be created by classical, jazz and electronic musicians in cooperation with an ambient musician. The ambient audience will be introduced to new sounds of music with an unconventional approach.

Our albums are distributed online with its releases distinguished by catalog numbers starting with BMR00DR.

The releases are strictly limited based on the project. Our limited releases are produced in editions of 100-200 much sought-after collector’s copies. Blue Magic Records Postcards are issued in very limited quantities too and are accompanied with physical releases.